Friday, February 28, 2014

Letters of Love, 2014

Growing up, I performed in a community musical theatre group called Golden Performing Arts Center. I lost touch with a close friend of mine at the time, Kyle Hanagami, only to discover - years later - that he has become an internationally renowned hip hop choreographer. It blew my mind! Even more so, he started a project called "Letters of Love." Last year, he asked his followers around the globe to write letters that would inspire. They could be about anything as long as they were full of love. For every 10 letters he received, Kyle would donate $1 to cancer research. He received over 14,000 letters!! Watch what happened next...

Two weeks ago, I realized that Kyle was teaching dance classes twenty minutes from where I live. Alone and two years out of practice, I attended a unique partner choreography class. I didn't realize how special this night was going to be. He taught a beautiful modern hip hop duet, filmed the choreography, and brought in a guest speaker. Ben Teller started an organization called Cuck Fancer in order to help young adults get back on their feet after battling cancer. In the past several years, Ben has had two bone marrow transplants, graduated college, works at a dream job, and is a three-time cancer survivor. This year, Kyle and Cuck Fancer have teamed up to spread love all around the world. Check out the video from that night...


I recognized Ben immediately; he grew up with my younger sister and played sports with Kyle's younger brother. I was honored and grateful to take class that night and continue to be so inspired by these two young men.

It is exactly the goal of it's the little things to bring awareness to important causes like this, so we shall start by sharing the amazing stuff these guys have already set in motion. Your first little project, if you chose to accept it, is to write a letter of love and send it to Kyle. Get creative, get crafty, but most importantly, write from the heart. I cannot WAIT to find out how many letters he'll receive this year!!

P.O. Box 6339
North Hollywood, CA 91603

By contributing this little thing, you are supporting a huge cause and joining an amazing community. I love that word. Community. So much love... enjoy!

If you want to go a step further, take a photo of your letter and share it with #lettersoflove #itsthelittlethings @cuckfancer @kylehanagami  @itsthelittlethingsdotme @joaniejoaniebalonie