Friday, March 28, 2014

Letters of Love, UPDATE Pt. 2

Write a letter of love. Go! 

What?! What does that mean!! I realize, the task of writing a "Letter of Love" proved to be fairly tricky without a designated format or recipient. However, these do-gooders came together with open arms to create some truly lovely and clever letters. Working in a group proved to not only lighten the mood, but it allowed everyone to bounce ideas off each other, encourage and inspire each other, and domino sparks of creativity! 

First, I pulled out EVERYTHING I had relating to the topic. It's a bit excessive, I agree, and we certainly didn't end up using all of this. It's more of a jumping off point to get you inspired. You can use anything or nothing and still craft a special letter; what matters most is what's on the inside anyway!

 Be sure to check out the complete album and captions (!!!) HERE.

In addition to hosting a craft night, this was a quick and easy project to set up in my office at work. I brought in some basic supplies, explained the task to my students when they popped in, and encouraged them to each write a letter before they went about the rest of their day. One of my students likes the website because she says "it keeps [her] karma points up!"