Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Brief Belated Birthday Note

I did a lot of thinking these last few days.

I know you see the things that could be better. If I were to ask you if you cared about domestic violence, homelessness, cancer research -- would you say yes? Of course. We chat about these important issues and we have the best of intentions to help. It's easy to share someone else's link on facebook or "regram" someone else's photo if you share those same values and opinions. It's not easy to put your life on hold in order to try to help every single cause that you care about, because there ARE a lot of them, because you have a BIG heart! I totally understand and I'm finding that the purpose of ITLT is to reach YOU.

I guess what being on #TeamITLT means to me is stepping past this first level of consciousness. It means taking small steps away from passive activism towards passionate activism. I'm still discovering exactly what that phrase means, but in my heart, in my gut, I know what it feels like. It means incorporating those values into your lifestyle, practicing them with those you love, and contributing in a meaningful way to a society, a COMMUNITY, that you are a member of. Actively engaging in your own community.

Have we lost that membership sense of community? It belongs to me, I belong to it. I want to be proud of it, and, yes, it is my responsibility to make it something I am proud of. These are all big ideas, big feelings, and may feel like too big of ventures, but I guess my point is that there's something beautiful in the simplicity of it too. It can be little steps, little efforts -- I don't need to say it, but the littlest things can make a big difference. This is where we start, and I'm excited to embark on this path.

As we take these next steps as a small organization, I look forward to getting my hands dirty and really finding how I can best serve my community with the limited skill set I have and the few resources I can offer. For each person, the answers to those questions are so gorgeously unique, it's going to be a stunning discovery, and I hope you share yours with me.

Anyway, thanks for listening... until next time!

Next project coming out soon!!