Saturday, July 26, 2014

In 5/Under 5: Make A Wish with #CelebrityGrace

When I was in Grad school, I had plans to write what was going to be a ground breaking thesis and political adaptation of Richard III. Sounds exciting, right? (...only theatre nerds slowly nod head yes). However, I was completely immobilized by grief and attending counseling one to two times a week. Luckily, my Graduate Advisor allowed me the creative thesis route: to write a play. Mind you, I'd never taken any playwriting classes and certainly never written a play before. I'll be speaking more on this in a later post, but I'm jumping to the end of this anecdote. I called my mom and told her, "I don't know how to start this play."

"With grace," she said. And I did. The first words spoken in my play are by the character of Grace.

Those two words have stuck with me for a long time; I try to live it everyday, and I now have an affinity for people named Grace. So, it's with great affection that I introduce you to #CelebrityGrace. Please allow the following fan girl rant...

You guys, Grace is my FAVORITE celebrity and she's actually in Los Angeles this weekend!! She's been sighted in several LA hotspots and I hear she's even more beautiful in pictures! If that's even possible!! She was greeted in LA by her fans and some paparazzi, waving to the crowd and signing a few autographs. I love her style, her smile brightens up a room, and she seems so fun! Wish I could meet her! Have a great weekend in L.A., Celebrity Grace, you are seriously the coolest.

You can still be part of Grace's celebrity Wish! In under five minutes, make a little sign showing Grace some love and share it on instagram with the hashtag #CelebrityGrace so she can see and #TeamITLT so WE can see it! It's adorable how she's been keeping up with photos, commenting, and re-sharing pictures. Just a few minutes might make this little lady's weekend even more special. Here's ours!

The official Make A Wish "Sign ups" are closed, but if you're in Los Angeles you can see below for Grace's next destinations. Follow her on IG: @CelebrityGrace and check out the photos from her celebrity-filled weekend! You can also follow @wishlosangeles and #CelebrityGrace for live tweets!