Friday, October 24, 2014

Happy Halloween Update!

It's been a Halloween whirlwind this past week! We had to kick it into high gear so that we could get decorations out with enough time for people to enjoy them before Halloween. I said in the Halloween Activity Kits for Kids in Need post that I would share photos from the events, so here they are!

As I mentioned, I had my second graders start the decoration process. It was very interesting finding a way to describe why we were making decorations for the children living at a (domestic violence) shelter, without explaining why they were there in the first place. All I really said was that families were living together at a shelter because it wasn't safe for them at home; the kids don't get to trick-or-treat for Halloween and only have decorations and candy that other people can give them. My assistant teacher was the first to use the word "gifts," which sounds so simple and obvious. The kids REALLY loved the idea of giving other kids gifts. :) I showed them the project inspirations on the blog and we got to work making accordion fans!

And then, when I came back from two days at a gorgeous vineyard wedding, they surprised me with HUNDREDS of candy corn banner pieces!!

Then, I had some amazing local #TeamITLT members come over for a craft brunch. My co-captain prepared the MOST delicious Kaya toast and I had a minimal amount of time to set the mood.

Witches broomstick peanut butter cups, painted black flowers, and spooky ice cubes... classic. At craft brunch, we assembled the awesome work my students did, painted candy corn pieces, and assembled at least fifty goody bags. A goody bag for each child at Haven Hills included: a special activity (so they could assembly a pipe-cleaner spider, dia de los muertos skull, black cat, etc.), a witch's finger, a spider/bat/skull ring, and at least three pieces of candy. An assembly line made this move so smoothly, what took the longest was cutting and separating the individual projects from each of the pre-made kits.

The craft brunch was an awesome and super productive success. For more photos, check out our facebook albumor follow us on instagram. My students made enough candy corns -- honestly, I don't know how they did it... 80 students that day... and if they each made only one, that's eight pieces per student -- I ended up having enough candy corn to send (really long) banners to FIVE different shelters. FIVE! And I'm STILL hole punching plates! :)

My students nearly lost their minds on Monday when I told them I would be dropping off their "gifts" at Haven Hills that day. It was a pretty great day...

Did you have a chance to try out some of these fun activities this week? Tell us about it below!!
There's still ONE WEEK until Halloween! Help your local shelter have a Happy Halloween!