Tuesday, December 9, 2014

In 5/Under 5: Make Addie a Holiday Card

Add Addie to your list of holiday cards going out this week!

UPDATE:  After seeing this post, a representative on behalf of American Greetings contacted me about an additional way you can sign a card for Addie at no cost. So, if you've already sent out your holiday cards this season, you can visit this page and fill out a quick form for American Greetings to print your name on cards that will be sent to Addie and her family. It took ten seconds to complete and then shows this neat map where people from all over the world are sending well wishes... where are you on the map?


Little Addie Fausett, 6, of Fountain Green, Utah, is most likely celebrating her last Christmas this year. Apparently, doctors are puzzled over her condition -- diffuse atrophy. In the face of such devastating news, her family has come up with a beautiful idea: they are asking people to send Addie a "lifetime of Christmas cards." As we know from previous In 5 Minutes/Under 5 Dollars ITLT challenges, sending off a handmade card may take a moment of your time, but makes an immeasurable impact in someone's day. Let's learn a little more about Addie...

Addie's Condition
"Addie was just 3 years old when her mother, Tami, noticed that her girl could no longer hold a crayon or spoon, suddenly had difficulty speaking and her growth came to a standstill. Doctors found that her brain was shrinking and filling with fluid—a condition called diffuse atrophy—but the underlying cause of Addie's atrophy remains undiagnosed, a medical mystery. Even now at 6 years old, Addie has never weighed more than 25 pounds. Last month, doctors delivered heartbreaking news: Addie had roughly a year to live, and her mental state would deteriorate before her physicality—she will forget what and who she knows."

Fulfilling Wishes
According to the facebook support page, Addie has already received thousands of letters. Of course while all of these amazing efforts from across the globe are for Addie, we know that these are lasting memories for her family members (including two older sisters, 7 and 10yrs). Just this last week, the girls all suffered the sudden loss of their birth father and attended his funeral a few days ago. Loss is especially difficult this time of year, and the family is going through a difficult time.

I know community helps me through rough patches, and we can be that positivity for the Fausett girls too. If you'd like to send a card, remember to make it from the heart! Homemade cards are so special... it seems the girls like the color pink, flowers, and Frozen... they love personal artwork... but would be grateful for whatever you have the time to create! They recently had visits from both Santa and the Grinch... and you can learn more about them here!

Send letters to:

Addie Lynn and/or her sisters Shayley and Audree
P.O. Box 162, Fountain Green, Utah, 84632

Take a photo and share with us the card you create for Addie!
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Information originally found on Today.com