Tuesday, December 8, 2015

In 5/Under 5: 2x! Send cards from across the world to two special little girls!

Tis the season for giving, and we have a super sweet and inexpensive way for you to bring tidings of joy! Our viewers LOVE projects in this series because it can be done "in 5" minutes and for "under 5" dollars. It's too easy not to participate!

We'd like to introduce you to two lovely little ladies.

An ITLT Collection of DIY Holiday Crafts to Create and Donate

In an attempt to share these special projects more efficiently, I'm assembling all of our holiday related crafts into one post! These are awesome projects that you create quite simply, either by yourself or with the help of friends and family, and donate to a local in-need center. I'll briefly explain what we did, and you can check out the links (titles) for more details!

Thursday, December 3, 2015

How to Help When Feeling Helpless

I don't know if it's because I run it's the little things, but a lot of friends reach out to me after they see the news. We witness these terrible acts of terrorism and wonder if there's anything we can do other than feeling so sad, mad, or helpless ...especially when it's a little too close to home.

"What can we do?" 

"Joan, what are we going to do??" 

Saturday, October 31, 2015

ITLT on the Road

Hey team! Time has been moving so quickly lately and life has changed drastically; I definitely owe you a catch-up sesh. Hopefully, this post will explain the craziest decision I have ever made as well as my ambitious intentions this next year.

Last week, I packed up all of my belongings and left Los Angeles.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

In 5/Under 5: Send a Free Bat-o-gram Halloween Card to Children in the Hospital

This is one of my favorite "In 5 (minutes)/Under 5 (dollars)" challenges, and I think you're going to love it because it takes only ONE minute and it's FREE! It was an awesome way to celebrate Halloween early last year and I'm glad we get to do it again. I was so happy to hear that many #TeamITLT members participated last year! No sign-up required for this super easy and adorable way to make a difference.

Send a Bat-o-gram to a child spending Halloween at Children's Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA). Wish them a FRIGHTFULLY FUN Halloween with one of these adorable cards below. Such a sweet idea and just a quick click away!

PLUS! For each card sent before October 29, Capital Group has pledged to donate $1 to CHLA, up to $15,000! Send your card today and CHLA will print and hand-deliver it along with fun goody bags with their Halloween festivities.

Check out how cute these are this year... it's almost too hard to choose which to send! Which will you pick?

My suggestion would be to really take a moment and write a personalized messaged to accompany your card. I love that this is an option! Feel free to lead with one of these pun-tastic one-liners, but a special message will definitely leave a lasting impression... and smile!

Happy Hoo-Hoo-lloween!
Have a Batsolutely great Halloween!
Have a hauntingly good time!
You are spook-tacular!
...got anymore good ones?

Team ITLT: If you know of any other hospitals or organizations that make sending holiday greeting cards so easy, please share them with me! We would love to offer more of these opportunities.

While you're in the Halloween mood, check out our decoration and goody bag ideas for some hauntingly good fun! And here's a reminder of our efforts last year... follow us on facebook and instagram for more!

Where will you be participating from?
As always, tag us @itsthelittlethingsdotme and #TeamITLT 
so we can see your efforts!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

In 5/Under 5 Challenge & Guest Blog: Join the MaxLove Social Media Campaign to Help Combat Childhood Cancer

I think the more times you say the word "community," the larger yours grows. There are so many wonderful ideas and projects out there, and it's such a joy to scroll past or overhear someone talking about something that could be a perfect fit for ITLT! This post is yet another In5/Under5 challenge (can be completed in 5 minutes and for under 5 dollars) and another guest blog... woo! We've recently had an influx of guest blogging interest, so there are several awesome projects to look forward to.

Today's project is shared by Elizabeth. Elizabeth and I found each other yesterday in a secret internet girls' cult that we both belong to... haha, just kidding... or am I... She was so eager to spread the love and get the word out about this awesome project, that she sent me this post within 12 hours! Overnight! Thank you, Elizabeth, and welcome to #TeamITLT! Everyone, meet Elizabeth...

- - - 


I met Audra and Justin two years ago at the Patchwork Craft Fair in Long Beach. I was looking for a knit hat and their booth had a bunch of cute ones. Audra started explaining that 100% of the profits from MaxLove Brand purchases pays back into their charity MaxLove Project. Audra and Justin Wilford founded the MaxLove Project in 2011, just three months after their then 4-year-old son, Max, was diagnosed with brain cancer (mixed-grade glioma). Following a difficult partial-resection surgery and the start of one-and-a-half years of chemotherapy, the Wilfords decided to become full partners in Max’s treatment, recovery, and survivorship. By consulting with doctors, researchers, and other cancer families, they began to find out what they could do, in addition to the standard treatment, to improve Max’s functioning, pain levels, energy, and future survivorship.

Whole food nutrition, good sleep hygiene, kid-friendly physical activity, and stress management techniques like acupressure, massage, and breathing were just a few of the evidence-based practices that helped Max thrive through treatment and into survivorship. Today, the Wilfords direct the MaxLove Project with the mission to increase the quality of life and reduce health risks for all children fighting cancer in treatment and beyond.

The first day that I met Audra and Justin, I told them how my mom had passed from cancer when I was four months old and that I had survived cancer at the age of two. I wanted to help in anyway possible. I started volunteering and became a model for MaxLove Brand and, after two years, I am now a Sales Rep and Brand Ambassador and I love it. Being able to help families learn to eat and cook better with the Fierce Foods Academy, crafting days for the kids with Camp Make Believe, and a healthy bone broth delivery system with the Broth Bank Collective helps me feel like I am a participant in the fight against childhood cancer. September is childhood cancer awareness month and we need social media help to raise money for MaxLove Project. Thank you for your help!!

(that's Elizabeth! --->)

The 2014 campaign generated $33,340 and over 20 million impressions.
Join #HonestLovesMax 2.0 Social Media Campaign for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month!

Here's how you can help!

For each use of the hashtag #HonestLovesMax in the month of September The Honest Company will donate $1 (goal $30,000) to MaxLove Project.
  1. Twitter: use the hashtag beginning 9/1, Retweets count! Honest will tweet Sept. 1st to launch the campaign: "It's Childhood Cancer Awareness month, and we're giving to @maxloveproject! Every tweet with #HonestLovesMax = $1 so RETWEET!"
  2. Facebook and Instagram: using the app located here as of 9/2. Honest hopes to launch the “Inspired By” APP on Facebook and Instagram this Wednesday evening with a photo featuring the "Inspired by" overlay with a link to www.honestlovesmax.com.
  3. This is everyone’s artistic opportunity to CREATE your own #InspiredBy image highlighting their own personal inspirations. We encourage the use of the hashtags #HonestLovesMax **AND** #HonestLoves______(name of loved one) as well as details as to why you are inspired by the person or organization featured. 
  4. We encourage you to highlight YOUR community: local organizations, kids, hashtags, stats, and perspectives. These images will be seen broadly. The more participation, the more the diversity in our community is represented. (Consider highlighting The STAR ACT and the #StepUp movement)
 - - -

As always, let us know that you're participating in this project!
To summarize, share your photo with us using these: 
@itsthelittlethingsdotme   #TeamITLT
@maxloveproject   #HonestLovesMax   #InspiredBy
#HonestLoves______(name of loved one)

Monday, August 24, 2015

In5/Under5 & Guest Blog: Beautiful Blooms Help Donate School Supplies!

Eventually I'll share why we've been hosting more guest bloggers than usual... but until then, let's just celebrate the AMAZING team we've built!! If you ever see a project that fits our mission, we would love to have you guest blog. Email us at itsthelittlethingsdotme@gmail.com so we can set you up!

Inseparable in high school, this is Keli, me, and Lisa. 
Probably... 11 years ago? At about 6:30am! En route to a drama festival, of course.
The back of our sweatshirts say: "I can't, I have rehearsal." #theatrenerds
Today's guest blogger is my good friend Lisa. We met in elementary school and we've continued bugging each other for twenty years! I jest, but for being that shy little kid in Grease in 5th grade, Lisa has grown into an extraordinary young woman. She has a contagious wanderlust that gives her no choice but to take risks when most of us are following the rules. Like me, she has a passion for the Arts, and to me, she is a fierce friend and enabler of my crazy ambitious ideas. Back in 2009, I was itching to travel and Lisa happened to be studying abroad in Beijing. On a whim, I bought a round trip ticket with a little money I won in a research competition and we ran around a foreign country for 9 days! (And, as you can see, we literally jumped all over Beijing and Qing Dao.)

She's bold, brave, and doesn't give herself enough credit. Lisa -- thank you for taking the time out of your insanely busy work and Master's program schedule to share this awesome project!

. . .

Hello ITLT darlings,

My name is Lisa and I have been with ITLT since it was just a little thing itself -- back when its inspiring, unstoppable founder was merely dreaming up the infinite possibilities. I am so excited and proud to be part of this team, and I am especially grateful for this "In 5/Under 5" Challenge. Because of the project's ease and accessibility, anyone and everyone is able to make a big difference in a small, fun way. Take a little break from the day-to-day grind we all know too well!

This past May, I started working with Bloom2Bloom (who you'll hear more about later). Due to the nature of the company, Joan was one of the first people I told about my new position; I knew she would love to hear about this new, unique way to send flowers while simultaneously giving back to a wonderful cause.

This month, Bloom2Bloom is giving back in a new way, and it is a perfect fit for an ITLT #in5under5 challenge as it definitely takes less than 5 minutes and 5 dollars to complete. It is with such joy that I get to unite Bloom2Bloom & ITLT this month by sharing this simple, creative act of kindness.

Thanks for reading!
. . .

In the spirit of back to school season,
we at Bloom2Bloom are thrilled to share our “In 5 Under 5” Challenge with ITLT!
What is Bloom2Bloom?

Bloom2Bloom is a national floral brand and service, providing farm-fresh, California-grown bouquets. With each purchase, we give back to non-profit organizations that support families, youth, elderly care, women, environmental efforts, education, healthcare, and so much more!

This month, Bloom2Bloom has partnered with Donor’s Choose to help provide school supplies in classrooms throughout the United States. Donor’s Choose is an online charity that allows public school teachers from every corner of America to post classroom project requests on their site, in order to allow their benevolent donors the ability to scope out a variety of projects and donate to the one that inspires them most.
In addition to giving back with every bouquet purchase,
Bloom2Bloom is also running a fun and easy
social media campaign for this partnership!

So, here's where you come in!

When you post a photo of flowers with the hashtags #bloomsforschools, #bloom2bloom, and tag @donorschoose and @bloom2bloom, Bloom2Bloom will donate additional school supplies to schools throughout the U.S. through their collaboration with Donor’s Choose.

It’s that easy! Simply snap a pic of your beautiful blooms and share online with those hashtags! Don’t forget to include ITLT's hashtag/handle as well: #TeamITLT, #in5under5, and @itsthelittlethingsdotme.

Spread the word and help us share smiles and school supplies with classrooms that need it most!
Thank you for sharing... We can’t wait to see those stunning stems!

- Bloom2Bloom
Where Happiness Grows

As always, let us know that you're participating in this project 
by using the social media tags above!

We want to regram your awesome efforts! 


Wednesday, August 12, 2015

In 5/Under 5 Challenge & Guest Blog: Happy Birthday to Tate!

My favorite word is community. If you've been following ITLT for a little while now, you probably already figured that out. I love finding creative acts of kindness that can benefit a community by bring together a community. Sometimes, however, members of our #TeamITLT community find those opportunities first! In these situations, I am so beyond touched that someone thought "Hey, that looks like a great ITLT project," and took the time to reach out to me, that I offer it right back to them. Today, I'm honored to introduce Dally, who always goes above and beyond and hopped on our team as soon as she learned what we were about. She hosts ITLT-like workshops at a center where she volunteers, and she wanted to share this project with us. It's about time she guest blogs for for ITLT! 

PS. The last time we offered a project similar to this one, we had #TeamITLT members share their photos on Instagram from New Jersey, Texas, Los Angeles, South Carolina, and England; we can't wait to find out from where you're participating!

And now, from Dally:

"Hello!" to everyone out there reading my post. My name is Dally and as a member of this incredible organization, I’m excited to share a special new #in5under5 challenge. I became involved with ITLT during my transition from community college to university. Feeling like I had no support system while away at school, I was determined to change that. I needed to feel as though I could spread small tokens of love to others, to somehow make a difference in their lives. Thanks to this organization, I’m now doing just that.

If you’re new to ITLT, the project I’m about to discuss is one that can be accomplished within five minutes and for under five dollars. It's a great simple way to spread love, usually requested by someone close to the recipient. Like previous in 5/under 5 challenges, this project is a birthday card! I know from experience what the power of a small gesture like this can do, so I would love if you could take a few moments to help us make this a remarkable birthday for Tate.

On August 30th, Tate Malone turns 16 years old. As his family was brainstorming for his upcoming birthday, Tate said he would like a party and birthday cards. His mother shared that Tate loves when people read to him and that he loves bright colors. Tate has cerebral palsy. Taking care of Tate has become a full time job for his mother, Tambra. The job became even more stressful since his father was diagnosed with a brain condition that left him needing care as well. Like most mothers, Tambra wants to show her son that "he can do anything and he can be anything." I come to you with his project today because there is no better community to help her make this a memorable birthday than ITLT.

Our favorite take-away from the ABC News article is:
Though Tate is limited in his abilities to communicate, Malone said her son loves people. She’s asking for the community’s help to show Tate he’s loved and supported. "I thought it would be good for the community to get to come out and get to know him and know more about his condition," she said. "I want to encourage others not to be trapped inside just because they have a condition."

If you'd like to join us, please send your birthday cards here:
Tate Malone
233 Meadowbrook Lane
Danville, VA 24540

As always, let us know that you're participating in this project!
Share a photo of your birthday card with us on Instagram:
@itsthelittlethingsdotme #TeamITLT

We want to regram your awesome efforts!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

In 5/Under 5: Help Brighten Taliq's 10th Birthday

Hi everyone! Let me first quickly say that I am sorry for taking such an extended hiatus from ITLT and I MISS you all so much! I spent the last several weeks traveling and laying the groundwork for an exciting new direction I'm taking my life in, but I have not forgotten this wonderful little organization we've built. I can't wait to share news of my adventures, but before any of that, I have to share a special "In 5/Under 5" challenge.

If you're new to ITLT, this is a project that you can essentially complete in five minutes and for under five dollars. We LOVE these projects because they are usually such little tokens of love that really mean so much to the recipient. Similar to most of our past In 5/Under 5 challenges -- you guessed it -- it's a birthday card! I had a birthday while off traveling and it was the BEST ever. I'm usually not a huge fan of my own birthday, but for so many reasons June 26 was a momentous day. A huge and heartfelt thank you to everyone who sent well wishes on instagram. Now, let's take a few minutes to wish Taliq a VERY special birthday!

On July 22, Taliq Davis turns 10 years old. Five months ago, Taliq was diagnosed with diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma (DIPG), a rare form of cancer that affects the lower back of the brain and causes the body's nervous system to lose function. He has since gained 55 pounds and is feeling pretty discouraged.

Apparently Taliq loves checking the mail and it would be SO great if we could surprise him with some birthday love. My favorite quote from the article was how his mother would love to make his day special "with help from the community." A lot of you already know that "community" is my favorite word; every time I use it, the definition evolves and grows, and I LOVE that she phrased it this way. WE are his community, so let's send an uplifting message to help Taliq get through a difficult time. Kids are resilient, but hopefully we can help him find a little extra courage and strength to fight this brain cancer.

His mother, Tanisha, is also asking for suggestions on how to encourage him out of bed. Brainstorm with your friends and family and send your creative ideas to Tanisha as well.

Send your birthday cards here:

Taliq Davis
5106 Donegal Bay Ct.
Killeen, TX 76549 

As always, let us know that you're participating in this project!

Share a photo of your birthday card with us on Instagram:
@itsthelittlethingsdotme #TeamITLT
We want to regram your awesome efforts!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Tissue Paper Flowers for the Homeless: ITLT joins #30Ways30Days on June 6

If you've been following us on your choice of social media, then you've probably seen a few hints about our exciting new project... I am in LOVE with this idea because you can join us by participating from anywhere!

On June 6, ITLT officially joins a super cool campaign to spread love and raise awareness of homelessness, depression, suicide, and mental illness. Our ‪#‎CreativeActsofKindness‬ project is featured as Day 20 on the ‪Deap in Love website.

#30Ways30Days Challenge

30 ways, 30 people, 30 days to spread awareness starting May 18 through June 18. Each day will represent a new awesome person/organization and their way to spread love for the day. The 30 day challenge is contingent on everyone completing their tasks. The goal is to spread love in all corners of the world and raise $35,000 on GoFundMe for suicide, depression, mental illness, and homelessness prevention.

This 30 day campaign is the brainchild of my amazing friend Arielle Caputo. Arielle is a Suicide Intervention Coach. She voluntarily runs an in-person support group for teens and adults in Los Angeles, CA as well as a virtual support group on Thursdays. She also maintains a 24hr online chat room for anyone feeling suicidal, depressed, or struggling with self-injury. She has an incredible following on social media because people love her quick videos of self empowerment and self love. More times than not she hits on a topic particularly important to me that day and in even 15 seconds she lifts my spirits!

I'm happy to call Arielle a friend. We had only been following each other on instagram for a couple months when we decided to meet up in person. When she asked me to join her campaign, I didn't hesitate. Suicide, depression, mental illness, and homelessness are things that my friends, family, and community struggle with daily. Ideally, you wouldn't relate, but unfortunately, I think each of these things have had some effect on all of us. If there's anything I can do to be apart of a positive change, you bet we want to be involved. Hopefully, you do too! We have the perfect way for you to join us. 

ITLT Creative Acts of Kindness Project - June 6

For day 20 of the campaign, we will be using our creative acts of kindness for good! This is a project  everyone can do as we have several ways to modify and customize.

(Please excuse the SUPER rushed talking, I had to fit it into 15 for instagram. After about twenty takes, I was practically dancing through it...oh boy!)


That's right, tissue paper flowers. Super easy!

What you need:
  • Each flower takes six rectangular sheets of tissue paper. You can buy a huge stack from dollar tree and create a bunch of flowers. We cut ours into 8" x 12" sheets. 
  • One pipe cleaner per flower
What to do:
  1. Place the sheet in front of you on a table: portrait, not landscape. Fold tissue paper accordion style. I prefer 1cm-1in folds. Fold in one direction, flip paper, and fold back the other way so it looks like the ridges of an accordion.
  2. If you pinch it in the middle, it should look like a bow tie. Wrap one end of your pipe cleaner around the center. Be sure to secure tightly enough so that the end of the pipe cleaner won't poke you like a thorn!
  3. Begin to separate each of the layers. Gently tug, lifting each sheet up directly away from the pipe cleaner.
  4. Do this with all six sheets on both sides and shape into a flower.

    *If you want to get fancy, between steps 2 & 3, you can cut the edges of your tissue paper into scallops or points to create differently shaped petals!
Watch this 15 second how-to video to learn 
how to make your own tissue paper flowers at home!


On June 6, join Team ITLT from wherever you are by creating your own tissue paper flower(s) and distributing them to whomever you feel may need a little extra love. We will be passing out flowers to anyone and everyone in Venice on Saturday morning, so you are welcome to join us if you're local! However, with almost all ITLT projects, you can participate by sharing our creative acts of kindness with your own community. Visit a local homeless community, senior center, or hospital. Ask your family or friends to join you and photograph the adventure! Tag us on IG @itsthelittlethingsdotme and use our hashtag #TeamITLT so we can see your amazing efforts!

Other Daily Projects 

Definitely check out the calendar on the website to see all of the amazing #30Ways30Days projects you can partake in daily. Here are some examples:
  • Pizza with Purpose - pass out as many pizzas as you can to homeless individuals
  • I Can Go With Out - skip your $4 coffee to donate the funds to feed a homeless child
  • "Change It" - how many coins can you and your friends collect in one day
  • Yellow Day - wear yellow to show your support for Suicide Prevention
  • Car Chain of Love - pay for the person behind you at a drive through
  • Operation Beautiful - leave an inspiring note in a public place
  • Ghost Giving - leave an anonymous dollar or quarters in a public place
  • Appreciation Day - leave a thank you note for your mailman

Let us know where you'll be participating from 
and don't forget to share those photos!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

See What You Missed on ITLT Radio #4!

Hey, Team ITLT!! Let me immediately apologize for not posting a lot lately. We've had a packed couple months and just came off two super successful charity events! I am definitely behind in updating the blog but promise to soon! Hopefully you're following us on facebook and instagram (@itsthelittlethingsdotme) so see all the latest and greatest ITLT happenings. 

Due to this semester's finals schedule, we may have unfortunately lost our ITLT radio spot on KVCM. However, we had a blast and will continue to share recordings from the shows! Let's jump right into radio show numero quatro! To listen, click the PLAY button below. Find all the links and photos of things discussed in this episode underneath the mini SoundCloud player below.

Comment below or tweet us at @TeamITLT if you have any questions or comments that we can respond to about the show!

Feature Segments

Special Guests: Jolynn Braswell from BadassBandsBlog & Matthew Stolarz from The Active Set.

The featured project/event: Hygiene CARE Kits

The featured interview/organization: Carla Guerrero, Advocacy and Media Organizer, Downtown Women's Center (featured in a previous ITLT post here)

Wear What You Care:

Coffee tumbler and necklace from MADE by DWC resale/retail boutique


Sunday, April 26, 2015

Help Survivors of the 7.8 Nepal Earthquake

it's the little things (ITLT) was born out of the idea that I could do something with my hands and creativity that would make a difference, despite little time or money. As each new person partakes, our little efforts grow. Art is my therapy and - as silly as it may sound - it really has a healing effect on both the creating and receiving end. I always search for projects that can benefit our community, locally or globally.

Sometimes though, that's not always possible.

News of the 7.8 Nepal earthquake broke my heart. Since Saturday, the death toll has risen to 3,218 and they expect to find possibly thousands more buried beneath the destruction. Survivors are shell shocked and sleeping in the streets in the cold. Hopefully most are able to find rescue relief, and at this point the most any of us can do is donate to relief efforts. 

Google launched a Person Finder tool to locate friends and loved ones in Nepal. I have one friend living in Nepal, but he and his wife are safe living in a city several hours from the epicenter. Saturday morning I woke up to Facebook notifying me that he 'marked himself' as safe. Technology is wild. I can only hope that all of you and yours are safe from this tragic natural disaster.

If you are able to donate, here are a list of several active assistance teams. For several organizations, you can designate how or where you want your funds utilized; and always feel free to consult CharityNavigator.org for their funding breakdown.

As soon as there is a Creative Act of Kindness that we can do to help, I will let you know. If you have any ideas, you know where to find me.

Strength and love always,


Friday, April 24, 2015

The Power of Kind Words: The Rice Experiment

When I dropped off the Court Kits last week at Haven Hills, domestic violence women's shelter, I had the good fortune to share a few special words with their interim Executive Director, Ivy. She had never actually seen the kits that we donate, and I was happy to share our work and creativity. She was amazed at the care that went into creating these kits and commented on our frequent use of stickers with phrases of positive encouragement. Some messages were bold and strong: "YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL," I wrote with sticker letters on the inside of mine. Some messages were positive and encouraging reminders: "You got this," "We got you." Some messages were hidden inside folders with similar colors: "You are smart. You are loved."

Ivy told me about an incredible experiment conducted on the power of words and forwarded me this email so I could share it with all of ‪#‎TeamITLT‬:

"They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes a single word can make the difference between life and death. I recently read some fascinating news about the Malatian tribes of the Solomon Islands that proved this very point. The Solomon Islands is a small country due east of Papua New Guinea and northeast of Australia. Last month we learned about the power of fire, but the tribes of this small island nation have a ritual that displays the power of water and words in an equally dramatic way.

The ancestry of the tribes of the Solomon Islands is ancient and goes back thousands of years, similar to those of the Amazon. Because of this, they live a life that preserves many of their original customs. One of the traditions carried over from their ancient ancestors is the practice of cursing. No, it's not about swearing or putting a hex on someone. When the tribe is clearing an area in the jungle and approaches a tree that's far too big to cut down, they curse it. Everyone in the community hurls insults at the tree, speaks ill of it and calls it terrible names. This goes on for weeks. Anytime a tribe member passes by the tree, he or she makes sure to say something nasty to it. After about 30 days of this ceaseless onslaught of negativity, the tree rots from within and falls to the ground of its own accord.

This tribal custom clearly shows the power our words have for good or ill. The very words we choose and where we direct them can literally mean the difference between life and death for any living thing, including ourselves. It's been proven for years that talking to plants makes them grow much better. Why is this? Why do our words have such power over the health and well-being of living things? The answer lies in the water contained within all living creatures.

Your body is 70%-80 water. Trees and plants are full of water that they draw up through their root systems. All living things need and store water within their bodies to a very large degree. Life isn't possible without it. When we speak words, we generate sound. Sound waves travel three times faster when they come into contact with water. That's why the songs of whales can be heard miles from their location. Water accelerates and amplifies the energetic power of sound.

When we say negative things about ourselves or allow someone else to say them to us, massive amounts of negative energy are reverberating in a ripple effect through the water in every cell of our body. Our cells absorb this negative energy and begin to lose their life force. Over time, they become damaged and we get sick. The Malatian tribe's cursing ritual is similar to an experiment Japanese scientist, Masaru Emoto, conducted with jars of rice. Emoto placed two cups of ordinary cooked rice in two separate jars. He cooked the rice beforehand because the water content was crucial to the purpose of the experiment. He left the jars on a shelf in a third grade classroom and asked the children to bless the rice in one jar and yell at the other every morning before classes. In three weeks, the rice in the jar that received the unkind words had collapsed into a black, gelatinous mass. The rice in the other jar was as white and fluffy as the day it was made. This experiment went on for a full year. Long after the rice that was treated kindly should have molded and decomposed, it was still perfectly white. Dramatic photos of this can be found online.

This is the power our words have over our health and it's because the intention and emotion behind them is carried at warp speed to and through our cells; all because of water. It's also a lesson to become aware of the negativity we generate both externally in what we say about ourselves, as well as internally through our "self-talk" inside our heads. It's important to be mindful of how we let what others say about us affect how we feel about ourselves. Choosing to exit a verbally negative situation is one of the healthiest and most healing things we can do. Remember that healthy cells are ones that are treated kindly and that conversation begins with your choice of words.

Blessings to you,

Dr. Habib Sadeghi
The Old Soul Doctor
Be Hive of Healing Integrative Medical Center

Monday, April 13, 2015

Listen to the ITLT Radio Show #3 Here!

Hey #TeamITLT! We took an unexpected break, but now we're trying to get back into the swing of (little) things.  Thank you for your patience and THANK YOU for all the love in the meantime. The website had nearly 300 views while we were inactive. In the last month (since our last post), we still had an amazing turn out from around the rest of the world! 

I still can't believe that... 

Okay, just to play catch up for a bit, this post contains the 3rd podcast for ITLT radio. You can always listen live on the TuneIn app or website by following KVCM on Wednesday at 5pm. There was some trouble live streaming the last couple shows, so your best bet might be to listen directly off the host school's website. (Click the PLAY button to listen.)

Tweet us at @TeamITLT if you have any questions or comments that we can respond to before or during the show!

Feature Segments

Special Guests: Jolynn Braswell from BadassBandsBlog & Bertrand Vellky and Alec Leiva from The Crazy Brave. The boys said they would host a KKGAS drive at an upcoming rock show!

The featured projects: Since the theme was International Women's Month, we are sharing a previous project, Cell Phones for Survivors from DoSomething.org.

Also, we talked about a petition to benefit the koala's from our previous IFAW Koala Mittens & Joey Pouches project. You can download the petition here and mail it in.

The featured event: Lonely Socks Drive, inspired by KKGAS

Here's Bert (who joined us on air this episode) 
pictured with his socks at our drive in November!

The featured interview/organization: Adina Lichtman, Founder, Knock Knock Give a Sock
Favorite take away from the interview: "Warm the world!"

Wear What You Care:
Sweatshirt from Sevenly
also mentioned in previous ITLT posts here and here

Monday, March 16, 2015

Check out ITLT Radio Show #2!

Hi #TeamITLT! Do you need a friend to drive home with? We got you covered! The second ITLT radio show is ready for your listening enjoyment. The first episode was a great introduction overall, but in week two we focused on breaking the show into special segments. We have a featured ITLT project, a featured event you can host, a special interview with a featured organization, a "Wear What You Care" segment, and fun things happening during the week!

Thank you for your amazing support so far! We understand that there was some trouble listening to the live TuneIn stream. There must've been a fair amount of viewers, which I guess is pretty cool... (!!!)  If you missed it, listen here! Let us know what you think about this show in the comments below; we're always interested to know what YOU want to hear! OR - it's not too late - take our survey! The feedback is invaluable in helping us do what we do even better. 

Tweet us at @TeamITLT if you have any questions or comments that we can respond to during the show. It airs LIVE in Los Angeles on 95.1 Wednesdays at 5pm PST or you can find us on the TuneIn app and website by following KVCM.

Feature Segments

The featured project: Letters of Love

The featured event: Pan"tea" Party

The featured interview/organization: Ivy Panilio, Interim Executive Director, Haven Hills

Wear What You Care:

"We Rise" necklace (right) from Matterial Fix

Hand sewn purse by MADE by DWC

We also mentioned:

Projects: In 5/Under 5 Challenges, Koala Mittens & Joey Pouches (video), HANDmade Wreaths (video)
Events: Holiday decorations for Shelters
Organizations: Cuck FancerChildren's Hospital LA

Monday, March 9, 2015

Listen to the First ITLT Radio Show!

We are so pleased to share with you our very first ITLT radio show! This is great introduction to who we are, what we do, and all the little things we create to make a difference. It was my first time hosting my own show, so hopefully you like it and come back for the second installment.

Leave a comment below or tweet us at @TeamITLT if you have any questions or comments we can respond to on the show. It airs LIVE in southern California on KVCM 95.1 Wednesdays at 5pm PST or you can find us on the TuneIn app and website.

In the show, we mention:

Projects: Letters of Love, Design a Bookmark, In 5/Under 5 Challenges, Sending grams to CHLA, Holiday decorations for Shelters
Events: Pan"tea" Party, Lonely Socks Club Drive, Hold a Kids Helping Kids Workshop, Host a Bookdrive
Organizations: Haven Hills, A Window Between Worlds, Cuck Fancer, Knock Knock Give a Sock, Children's Hospital LA, Leukemia and Lymphoma Society
ITLT Sponsors mentioned in this episode:
 Tula Cosmetics™, Charme Silkiner, LUSH Topanga Plaza, Susie Cakes