Saturday, January 10, 2015

Let's Hear it for the Boy: DIY Beard Oil

In honor of our Co-Captain's birthday, here's a quick little craft perfect for the bearded or mustached man in your life. I pulled from several different sources on how and what to do for this DIY, but Jebiga and The Art of Manliness were super helpful. Not only was it easy to make, but super inexpensive too, especially considering I already had half the ingredients at home!

There are a bunch of fancy recipes out there that you can test out, but essentially what you need are 1) a carrier oil base and 2) flavored essential oils. I already knew that our CC liked Tea Tree, so I started there.

Carrier Oils

First I had to pick a base carrier oil; these dilute the essential oils which will otherwise irritate the skin. These soften the effects the essential oils have on your skin and hair and will serve as the bulk of your recipe.
  • Jojoba - similar to human oils and easily absorbed
  • Argan - softens skin and prevents signs of aging
  • Sweet Almond - prevents ingrown hairs and soothes irritation
  • Coconut - super moisturizing and hydrating
  • Hazelnut -  prevents acne and eczema
  • Hemp seed - moisturizing and softens hair
Based on availability and the fact that he has a nut allergy, I chose a coconut carrier oil. 

Essential Oils

Now, there are over 100 essential oils that you can choose from to add to your recipe. Popular brands like The Art of Shaving carry a signature Sandalwood scent as well as Lemon Citrus and Lavender. Or you may want to invigorate his senses with something like Peppermint or Clove. I already knew that he favored Tea Tree and discovered that a nice pairing would be Eucalyptus, which aids skin irritation.

DIY Recipe
  1. Start with 3 parts of your carrier oil
  2. Add 1 part of each of your selected essential oils
  3. Cap the bottle and mix together by shaking vigorously!
  4. Let it sit in order for the oils to blend
  5. Dab it on your finger and enjoy! (*Best used on a damp but not dripping beard)
CVS Shopping list: Clear 3oz bottle with wide mouth ($1.99), Radiance Tea Tree Oil (reg. $10+ but 25% off at $7.86), Organix  Coconut Milk (already had it but reg. $5-7), DeLaCruz Eucalyptus Oil (already had it but reg. $2-4), Pill dropper (2pk. $3.39), Pill caddy (pictured below, $5.29)
Check out those websites listed above for great recipe recommendations!

I mixed my recipe in a larger 3oz clear bottle so I could experiment with different amount combinations. If you're using a smaller 1oz bottle, you probably want to fill about half with your carrier oil and don't want to exceed 10 drops per essential oil, less if it's particularly potent. Also, because I used a nourishing Coconut Milk serum, it's a bit thicker than using regular coconut oil. I figured this was fine since he already likes this product, but was sure to mix vigorously (as directed)!

Lastly, I picked up this nifty steel pill case. I am all about re-purposing items and thought that this might be a perfect travel-size beard oil container. As a keychain, it's durable, mobile, airtight, and convenient. It can be refilled easily, cleaned with a cotton swab, and is great for on-the-go application.

We'll see if he likes it!