Monday, February 9, 2015

#RAKweek2015: ITLT Top 30 Random Acts of Kindness has set a goal of 100K Acts by February 15
They are already at 10,000 after the first day (and we are proud to be apart of that!)

#RAKWeek2015: Flood all of your social media feeds with kindness. Share uplifting news stories, inspiring quotes, kind comments for one week and bask in the glow of positivity! That’s the goal of RAKWeek. Be sure to use the hashtag to add your good deeds or random acts that you received to the list!

ITLT is all about creative acts of kindness, but this week we can focus on simple and quick little things that make a difference. If you're already doing kind things like holding the door open and greeting new people with a smile and "hello," then we invite you to check out some additional kindness ideas. 

Our TOP 30 Favorite Random Acts of Kindness:

  1. Drop a coin in someone’s parking meter
  2. Pay for the car behind you at the drive-thru
  3. Find a public wish list on Amazon and send a gift to a stranger
  4. Bring someone a treat who wouldn’t expect it or bake for your unsuspecting coworkers
  5. Write a meaningful note to someone who deserves a little extra thanks or love
  6. Leave a coupon for the next person who needs to purchase that product
  7. Pick up trash
  8. Volunteer at a community garden
  9. Bring food to a local fire station
  10. Buy a prepaid phone card and leave it at a phone booth for someone who may need it
  11. Offer someone gum
  12. Carry tissues to share
  13. Tip big
  14. Let someone in a rush go ahead of you in line
  15. Plant a flower
  16. Leave post its with thank yous, compliments or confidence
  17. Offer a couple hours of free babysitting to someone who could use the night off
  18. Go out of your way to support someone – cheer on your teammate!
  19. Leave a few extra dollars at a redbox, or quarters in a vending or drink machine
  20. Eat lunch with someone new
  21. Warm things up – distribute hand warmers, socks, or scarves/glove/hats to a homeless shelter in a cold area
  22. Leave a used book on public transport
  23. Relax a friend or coworker by sharing some aromatherapy oils
  24. Two words: mix tape!
  25. Give a water bottle to a handy man, bus driver, mailman, janitor, or anyone else who might need it
  26. Surprise someone with flowers
  27. Visit your neighbors and help with a task
  28. Offer to take the middle seat – gasp!
  29. Hand out free popsicles, because... everyone loves popsicles
  30. Share ITLT! Post your favorite project off our website AND invite your friends to follow us on social media.

I'm going to do a version of the project in this video with my second grade Enrichment classes this week. We also just signed up to volunteer for a morning of music with homeless kids for an hour while their parents share some quality time on Valentine's Day. What are your RAKweek ideas?