Monday, March 16, 2015

Check out ITLT Radio Show #2!

Hi #TeamITLT! Do you need a friend to drive home with? We got you covered! The second ITLT radio show is ready for your listening enjoyment. The first episode was a great introduction overall, but in week two we focused on breaking the show into special segments. We have a featured ITLT project, a featured event you can host, a special interview with a featured organization, a "Wear What You Care" segment, and fun things happening during the week!

Thank you for your amazing support so far! We understand that there was some trouble listening to the live TuneIn stream. There must've been a fair amount of viewers, which I guess is pretty cool... (!!!)  If you missed it, listen here! Let us know what you think about this show in the comments below; we're always interested to know what YOU want to hear! OR - it's not too late - take our survey! The feedback is invaluable in helping us do what we do even better. 

Tweet us at @TeamITLT if you have any questions or comments that we can respond to during the show. It airs LIVE in Los Angeles on 95.1 Wednesdays at 5pm PST or you can find us on the TuneIn app and website by following KVCM.

Feature Segments

The featured project: Letters of Love

The featured event: Pan"tea" Party

The featured interview/organization: Ivy Panilio, Interim Executive Director, Haven Hills

Wear What You Care:

"We Rise" necklace (right) from Matterial Fix

Hand sewn purse by MADE by DWC

We also mentioned:

Projects: In 5/Under 5 Challenges, Koala Mittens & Joey Pouches (video), HANDmade Wreaths (video)
Events: Holiday decorations for Shelters
Organizations: Cuck FancerChildren's Hospital LA

Monday, March 9, 2015

Listen to the First ITLT Radio Show!

We are so pleased to share with you our very first ITLT radio show! This is great introduction to who we are, what we do, and all the little things we create to make a difference. It was my first time hosting my own show, so hopefully you like it and come back for the second installment.

Leave a comment below or tweet us at @TeamITLT if you have any questions or comments we can respond to on the show. It airs LIVE in southern California on KVCM 95.1 Wednesdays at 5pm PST or you can find us on the TuneIn app and website.

In the show, we mention:

Projects: Letters of Love, Design a Bookmark, In 5/Under 5 Challenges, Sending grams to CHLA, Holiday decorations for Shelters
Events: Pan"tea" Party, Lonely Socks Club Drive, Hold a Kids Helping Kids Workshop, Host a Bookdrive
Organizations: Haven Hills, A Window Between Worlds, Cuck Fancer, Knock Knock Give a Sock, Children's Hospital LA, Leukemia and Lymphoma Society
ITLT Sponsors mentioned in this episode:
 Tula Cosmetics™, Charme Silkiner, LUSH Topanga Plaza, Susie Cakes

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Happy One Year! Anniversary Survey and Giveaway

What a wonderful first year we've had. Maybe I'm biased, but I am so proud of all we've accomplished so far. Instead of elaborating more on our year in review right now, I'd simply love to offer a giveaway and survey. I want to learn who you are and why you're here. I want to know what keeps you coming back and thank you for every like, comment, email, retweet, and share. Every ITLT project you create, card you write, event you host makes a difference. Thank you for being on #TeamITLT. We wouldn't nearly be making as big a difference without you.

(I promise this is just like an In 5/Under 5 Challenge -- it'll definitely take less than 5 minutes, and it won't cost a thing... you may even win something!)