Sunday, April 26, 2015

Help Survivors of the 7.8 Nepal Earthquake

it's the little things (ITLT) was born out of the idea that I could do something with my hands and creativity that would make a difference, despite little time or money. As each new person partakes, our little efforts grow. Art is my therapy and - as silly as it may sound - it really has a healing effect on both the creating and receiving end. I always search for projects that can benefit our community, locally or globally.

Sometimes though, that's not always possible.

News of the 7.8 Nepal earthquake broke my heart. Since Saturday, the death toll has risen to 3,218 and they expect to find possibly thousands more buried beneath the destruction. Survivors are shell shocked and sleeping in the streets in the cold. Hopefully most are able to find rescue relief, and at this point the most any of us can do is donate to relief efforts. 

Google launched a Person Finder tool to locate friends and loved ones in Nepal. I have one friend living in Nepal, but he and his wife are safe living in a city several hours from the epicenter. Saturday morning I woke up to Facebook notifying me that he 'marked himself' as safe. Technology is wild. I can only hope that all of you and yours are safe from this tragic natural disaster.

If you are able to donate, here are a list of several active assistance teams. For several organizations, you can designate how or where you want your funds utilized; and always feel free to consult for their funding breakdown.

As soon as there is a Creative Act of Kindness that we can do to help, I will let you know. If you have any ideas, you know where to find me.

Strength and love always,