Monday, April 13, 2015

Listen to the ITLT Radio Show #3 Here!

Hey #TeamITLT! We took an unexpected break, but now we're trying to get back into the swing of (little) things.  Thank you for your patience and THANK YOU for all the love in the meantime. The website had nearly 300 views while we were inactive. In the last month (since our last post), we still had an amazing turn out from around the rest of the world! 

I still can't believe that... 

Okay, just to play catch up for a bit, this post contains the 3rd podcast for ITLT radio. You can always listen live on the TuneIn app or website by following KVCM on Wednesday at 5pm. There was some trouble live streaming the last couple shows, so your best bet might be to listen directly off the host school's website. (Click the PLAY button to listen.)

Tweet us at @TeamITLT if you have any questions or comments that we can respond to before or during the show!

Feature Segments

Special Guests: Jolynn Braswell from BadassBandsBlog & Bertrand Vellky and Alec Leiva from The Crazy Brave. The boys said they would host a KKGAS drive at an upcoming rock show!

The featured projects: Since the theme was International Women's Month, we are sharing a previous project, Cell Phones for Survivors from

Also, we talked about a petition to benefit the koala's from our previous IFAW Koala Mittens & Joey Pouches project. You can download the petition here and mail it in.

The featured event: Lonely Socks Drive, inspired by KKGAS

Here's Bert (who joined us on air this episode) 
pictured with his socks at our drive in November!

The featured interview/organization: Adina Lichtman, Founder, Knock Knock Give a Sock
Favorite take away from the interview: "Warm the world!"

Wear What You Care:
Sweatshirt from Sevenly
also mentioned in previous ITLT posts here and here