Tuesday, April 28, 2015

See What You Missed on ITLT Radio #4!

Hey, Team ITLT!! Let me immediately apologize for not posting a lot lately. We've had a packed couple months and just came off two super successful charity events! I am definitely behind in updating the blog but promise to soon! Hopefully you're following us on facebook and instagram (@itsthelittlethingsdotme) so see all the latest and greatest ITLT happenings. 

Due to this semester's finals schedule, we may have unfortunately lost our ITLT radio spot on KVCM. However, we had a blast and will continue to share recordings from the shows! Let's jump right into radio show numero quatro! To listen, click the PLAY button below. Find all the links and photos of things discussed in this episode underneath the mini SoundCloud player below.

Comment below or tweet us at @TeamITLT if you have any questions or comments that we can respond to about the show!

Feature Segments

Special Guests: Jolynn Braswell from BadassBandsBlog & Matthew Stolarz from The Active Set.

The featured project/event: Hygiene CARE Kits

The featured interview/organization: Carla Guerrero, Advocacy and Media Organizer, Downtown Women's Center (featured in a previous ITLT post here)

Wear What You Care:

Coffee tumbler and necklace from MADE by DWC resale/retail boutique