Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Tissue Paper Flowers for the Homeless: ITLT joins #30Ways30Days on June 6

If you've been following us on your choice of social media, then you've probably seen a few hints about our exciting new project... I am in LOVE with this idea because you can join us by participating from anywhere!

On June 6, ITLT officially joins a super cool campaign to spread love and raise awareness of homelessness, depression, suicide, and mental illness. Our ‪#‎CreativeActsofKindness‬ project is featured as Day 20 on the ‪Deap in Love website.

#30Ways30Days Challenge

30 ways, 30 people, 30 days to spread awareness starting May 18 through June 18. Each day will represent a new awesome person/organization and their way to spread love for the day. The 30 day challenge is contingent on everyone completing their tasks. The goal is to spread love in all corners of the world and raise $35,000 on GoFundMe for suicide, depression, mental illness, and homelessness prevention.

This 30 day campaign is the brainchild of my amazing friend Arielle Caputo. Arielle is a Suicide Intervention Coach. She voluntarily runs an in-person support group for teens and adults in Los Angeles, CA as well as a virtual support group on Thursdays. She also maintains a 24hr online chat room for anyone feeling suicidal, depressed, or struggling with self-injury. She has an incredible following on social media because people love her quick videos of self empowerment and self love. More times than not she hits on a topic particularly important to me that day and in even 15 seconds she lifts my spirits!

I'm happy to call Arielle a friend. We had only been following each other on instagram for a couple months when we decided to meet up in person. When she asked me to join her campaign, I didn't hesitate. Suicide, depression, mental illness, and homelessness are things that my friends, family, and community struggle with daily. Ideally, you wouldn't relate, but unfortunately, I think each of these things have had some effect on all of us. If there's anything I can do to be apart of a positive change, you bet we want to be involved. Hopefully, you do too! We have the perfect way for you to join us. 

ITLT Creative Acts of Kindness Project - June 6

For day 20 of the campaign, we will be using our creative acts of kindness for good! This is a project  everyone can do as we have several ways to modify and customize.

(Please excuse the SUPER rushed talking, I had to fit it into 15 for instagram. After about twenty takes, I was practically dancing through it...oh boy!)


That's right, tissue paper flowers. Super easy!

What you need:
  • Each flower takes six rectangular sheets of tissue paper. You can buy a huge stack from dollar tree and create a bunch of flowers. We cut ours into 8" x 12" sheets. 
  • One pipe cleaner per flower
What to do:
  1. Place the sheet in front of you on a table: portrait, not landscape. Fold tissue paper accordion style. I prefer 1cm-1in folds. Fold in one direction, flip paper, and fold back the other way so it looks like the ridges of an accordion.
  2. If you pinch it in the middle, it should look like a bow tie. Wrap one end of your pipe cleaner around the center. Be sure to secure tightly enough so that the end of the pipe cleaner won't poke you like a thorn!
  3. Begin to separate each of the layers. Gently tug, lifting each sheet up directly away from the pipe cleaner.
  4. Do this with all six sheets on both sides and shape into a flower.

    *If you want to get fancy, between steps 2 & 3, you can cut the edges of your tissue paper into scallops or points to create differently shaped petals!
Watch this 15 second how-to video to learn 
how to make your own tissue paper flowers at home!


On June 6, join Team ITLT from wherever you are by creating your own tissue paper flower(s) and distributing them to whomever you feel may need a little extra love. We will be passing out flowers to anyone and everyone in Venice on Saturday morning, so you are welcome to join us if you're local! However, with almost all ITLT projects, you can participate by sharing our creative acts of kindness with your own community. Visit a local homeless community, senior center, or hospital. Ask your family or friends to join you and photograph the adventure! Tag us on IG @itsthelittlethingsdotme and use our hashtag #TeamITLT so we can see your amazing efforts!

Other Daily Projects 

Definitely check out the calendar on the website to see all of the amazing #30Ways30Days projects you can partake in daily. Here are some examples:
  • Pizza with Purpose - pass out as many pizzas as you can to homeless individuals
  • I Can Go With Out - skip your $4 coffee to donate the funds to feed a homeless child
  • "Change It" - how many coins can you and your friends collect in one day
  • Yellow Day - wear yellow to show your support for Suicide Prevention
  • Car Chain of Love - pay for the person behind you at a drive through
  • Operation Beautiful - leave an inspiring note in a public place
  • Ghost Giving - leave an anonymous dollar or quarters in a public place
  • Appreciation Day - leave a thank you note for your mailman

Let us know where you'll be participating from 
and don't forget to share those photos!!