Monday, August 24, 2015

In5/Under5 & Guest Blog: Beautiful Blooms Help Donate School Supplies!

Eventually I'll share why we've been hosting more guest bloggers than usual... but until then, let's just celebrate the AMAZING team we've built!! If you ever see a project that fits our mission, we would love to have you guest blog. Email us at so we can set you up!

Inseparable in high school, this is Keli, me, and Lisa. 
Probably... 11 years ago? At about 6:30am! En route to a drama festival, of course.
The back of our sweatshirts say: "I can't, I have rehearsal." #theatrenerds
Today's guest blogger is my good friend Lisa. We met in elementary school and we've continued bugging each other for twenty years! I jest, but for being that shy little kid in Grease in 5th grade, Lisa has grown into an extraordinary young woman. She has a contagious wanderlust that gives her no choice but to take risks when most of us are following the rules. Like me, she has a passion for the Arts, and to me, she is a fierce friend and enabler of my crazy ambitious ideas. Back in 2009, I was itching to travel and Lisa happened to be studying abroad in Beijing. On a whim, I bought a round trip ticket with a little money I won in a research competition and we ran around a foreign country for 9 days! (And, as you can see, we literally jumped all over Beijing and Qing Dao.)

She's bold, brave, and doesn't give herself enough credit. Lisa -- thank you for taking the time out of your insanely busy work and Master's program schedule to share this awesome project!

. . .

Hello ITLT darlings,

My name is Lisa and I have been with ITLT since it was just a little thing itself -- back when its inspiring, unstoppable founder was merely dreaming up the infinite possibilities. I am so excited and proud to be part of this team, and I am especially grateful for this "In 5/Under 5" Challenge. Because of the project's ease and accessibility, anyone and everyone is able to make a big difference in a small, fun way. Take a little break from the day-to-day grind we all know too well!

This past May, I started working with Bloom2Bloom (who you'll hear more about later). Due to the nature of the company, Joan was one of the first people I told about my new position; I knew she would love to hear about this new, unique way to send flowers while simultaneously giving back to a wonderful cause.

This month, Bloom2Bloom is giving back in a new way, and it is a perfect fit for an ITLT #in5under5 challenge as it definitely takes less than 5 minutes and 5 dollars to complete. It is with such joy that I get to unite Bloom2Bloom & ITLT this month by sharing this simple, creative act of kindness.

Thanks for reading!
. . .

In the spirit of back to school season,
we at Bloom2Bloom are thrilled to share our “In 5 Under 5” Challenge with ITLT!
What is Bloom2Bloom?

Bloom2Bloom is a national floral brand and service, providing farm-fresh, California-grown bouquets. With each purchase, we give back to non-profit organizations that support families, youth, elderly care, women, environmental efforts, education, healthcare, and so much more!

This month, Bloom2Bloom has partnered with Donor’s Choose to help provide school supplies in classrooms throughout the United States. Donor’s Choose is an online charity that allows public school teachers from every corner of America to post classroom project requests on their site, in order to allow their benevolent donors the ability to scope out a variety of projects and donate to the one that inspires them most.
In addition to giving back with every bouquet purchase,
Bloom2Bloom is also running a fun and easy
social media campaign for this partnership!

So, here's where you come in!

When you post a photo of flowers with the hashtags #bloomsforschools, #bloom2bloom, and tag @donorschoose and @bloom2bloom, Bloom2Bloom will donate additional school supplies to schools throughout the U.S. through their collaboration with Donor’s Choose.

It’s that easy! Simply snap a pic of your beautiful blooms and share online with those hashtags! Don’t forget to include ITLT's hashtag/handle as well: #TeamITLT, #in5under5, and @itsthelittlethingsdotme.

Spread the word and help us share smiles and school supplies with classrooms that need it most!
Thank you for sharing... We can’t wait to see those stunning stems!

- Bloom2Bloom
Where Happiness Grows

As always, let us know that you're participating in this project 
by using the social media tags above!

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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

In 5/Under 5 Challenge & Guest Blog: Happy Birthday to Tate!

My favorite word is community. If you've been following ITLT for a little while now, you probably already figured that out. I love finding creative acts of kindness that can benefit a community by bring together a community. Sometimes, however, members of our #TeamITLT community find those opportunities first! In these situations, I am so beyond touched that someone thought "Hey, that looks like a great ITLT project," and took the time to reach out to me, that I offer it right back to them. Today, I'm honored to introduce Dally, who always goes above and beyond and hopped on our team as soon as she learned what we were about. She hosts ITLT-like workshops at a center where she volunteers, and she wanted to share this project with us. It's about time she guest blogs for for ITLT! 

PS. The last time we offered a project similar to this one, we had #TeamITLT members share their photos on Instagram from New Jersey, Texas, Los Angeles, South Carolina, and England; we can't wait to find out from where you're participating!

And now, from Dally:

"Hello!" to everyone out there reading my post. My name is Dally and as a member of this incredible organization, I’m excited to share a special new #in5under5 challenge. I became involved with ITLT during my transition from community college to university. Feeling like I had no support system while away at school, I was determined to change that. I needed to feel as though I could spread small tokens of love to others, to somehow make a difference in their lives. Thanks to this organization, I’m now doing just that.

If you’re new to ITLT, the project I’m about to discuss is one that can be accomplished within five minutes and for under five dollars. It's a great simple way to spread love, usually requested by someone close to the recipient. Like previous in 5/under 5 challenges, this project is a birthday card! I know from experience what the power of a small gesture like this can do, so I would love if you could take a few moments to help us make this a remarkable birthday for Tate.

On August 30th, Tate Malone turns 16 years old. As his family was brainstorming for his upcoming birthday, Tate said he would like a party and birthday cards. His mother shared that Tate loves when people read to him and that he loves bright colors. Tate has cerebral palsy. Taking care of Tate has become a full time job for his mother, Tambra. The job became even more stressful since his father was diagnosed with a brain condition that left him needing care as well. Like most mothers, Tambra wants to show her son that "he can do anything and he can be anything." I come to you with his project today because there is no better community to help her make this a memorable birthday than ITLT.

Our favorite take-away from the ABC News article is:
Though Tate is limited in his abilities to communicate, Malone said her son loves people. She’s asking for the community’s help to show Tate he’s loved and supported. "I thought it would be good for the community to get to come out and get to know him and know more about his condition," she said. "I want to encourage others not to be trapped inside just because they have a condition."

If you'd like to join us, please send your birthday cards here:
Tate Malone
233 Meadowbrook Lane
Danville, VA 24540

As always, let us know that you're participating in this project!
Share a photo of your birthday card with us on Instagram:
@itsthelittlethingsdotme #TeamITLT

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