Tuesday, September 1, 2015

In 5/Under 5 Challenge & Guest Blog: Join the MaxLove Social Media Campaign to Help Combat Childhood Cancer

I think the more times you say the word "community," the larger yours grows. There are so many wonderful ideas and projects out there, and it's such a joy to scroll past or overhear someone talking about something that could be a perfect fit for ITLT! This post is yet another In5/Under5 challenge (can be completed in 5 minutes and for under 5 dollars) and another guest blog... woo! We've recently had an influx of guest blogging interest, so there are several awesome projects to look forward to.

Today's project is shared by Elizabeth. Elizabeth and I found each other yesterday in a secret internet girls' cult that we both belong to... haha, just kidding... or am I... She was so eager to spread the love and get the word out about this awesome project, that she sent me this post within 12 hours! Overnight! Thank you, Elizabeth, and welcome to #TeamITLT! Everyone, meet Elizabeth...

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I met Audra and Justin two years ago at the Patchwork Craft Fair in Long Beach. I was looking for a knit hat and their booth had a bunch of cute ones. Audra started explaining that 100% of the profits from MaxLove Brand purchases pays back into their charity MaxLove Project. Audra and Justin Wilford founded the MaxLove Project in 2011, just three months after their then 4-year-old son, Max, was diagnosed with brain cancer (mixed-grade glioma). Following a difficult partial-resection surgery and the start of one-and-a-half years of chemotherapy, the Wilfords decided to become full partners in Max’s treatment, recovery, and survivorship. By consulting with doctors, researchers, and other cancer families, they began to find out what they could do, in addition to the standard treatment, to improve Max’s functioning, pain levels, energy, and future survivorship.

Whole food nutrition, good sleep hygiene, kid-friendly physical activity, and stress management techniques like acupressure, massage, and breathing were just a few of the evidence-based practices that helped Max thrive through treatment and into survivorship. Today, the Wilfords direct the MaxLove Project with the mission to increase the quality of life and reduce health risks for all children fighting cancer in treatment and beyond.

The first day that I met Audra and Justin, I told them how my mom had passed from cancer when I was four months old and that I had survived cancer at the age of two. I wanted to help in anyway possible. I started volunteering and became a model for MaxLove Brand and, after two years, I am now a Sales Rep and Brand Ambassador and I love it. Being able to help families learn to eat and cook better with the Fierce Foods Academy, crafting days for the kids with Camp Make Believe, and a healthy bone broth delivery system with the Broth Bank Collective helps me feel like I am a participant in the fight against childhood cancer. September is childhood cancer awareness month and we need social media help to raise money for MaxLove Project. Thank you for your help!!

(that's Elizabeth! --->)

The 2014 campaign generated $33,340 and over 20 million impressions.
Join #HonestLovesMax 2.0 Social Media Campaign for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month!

Here's how you can help!

For each use of the hashtag #HonestLovesMax in the month of September The Honest Company will donate $1 (goal $30,000) to MaxLove Project.
  1. Twitter: use the hashtag beginning 9/1, Retweets count! Honest will tweet Sept. 1st to launch the campaign: "It's Childhood Cancer Awareness month, and we're giving to @maxloveproject! Every tweet with #HonestLovesMax = $1 so RETWEET!"
  2. Facebook and Instagram: using the app located here as of 9/2. Honest hopes to launch the “Inspired By” APP on Facebook and Instagram this Wednesday evening with a photo featuring the "Inspired by" overlay with a link to www.honestlovesmax.com.
  3. This is everyone’s artistic opportunity to CREATE your own #InspiredBy image highlighting their own personal inspirations. We encourage the use of the hashtags #HonestLovesMax **AND** #HonestLoves______(name of loved one) as well as details as to why you are inspired by the person or organization featured. 
  4. We encourage you to highlight YOUR community: local organizations, kids, hashtags, stats, and perspectives. These images will be seen broadly. The more participation, the more the diversity in our community is represented. (Consider highlighting The STAR ACT and the #StepUp movement)
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As always, let us know that you're participating in this project!
To summarize, share your photo with us using these: 
@itsthelittlethingsdotme   #TeamITLT
@maxloveproject   #HonestLovesMax   #InspiredBy
#HonestLoves______(name of loved one)