Tuesday, January 26, 2016

In 5/Under 5: Be #Dstrong for Terminally Ill Eight-year-old Boy

A while back, you may remember our "in 5 minutes/under 5 dollars" #CreativeActsOfKindness challenge for Gracie, or as we referred to her #CelebrityGrace. Her Make A Wish request was to be famous and we were happy to oblige! Well, today, we're asking you to be #Dstrong.

"You have to stay strong for D," says Dorian Murray, 8, in Rhode Island. He wants people to be strong for him and because of him. 

Many young kids dream of becoming famous, but after being diagnosed with terminally ill cancer, Dorian has less time to make it happen than most. Dorian has been battling rhabdomyosarcoma, a type of soft tissue cancer, since the age of four.

At no cost to you, and in under five minutes, 
make a little sign showing Dorian some love and 
share it on instagram with the hashtag #Dstrong so he can see 
and #TeamITLT so WE can see it! 

"I'm just thinking before I go to heaven to try to be famous as much as I can," Dorian said. When asked why, Dorian replied with wanting to be able to get girls... obviously... I mean, look at this face.

The Rhode Island Senate recently created a day in his honor and people all around the world have posted on social media singing his praises. They are #Dstrong for Dorian. He started off wanting to be famous on "the bridge in China" -- a reference to the Great Wall of China, but little D is now internationally known. 

Dorian and his parents decided to stop treatment after tests showed his cancer had spread, but family and townspeople are still hoping for a miracle. 

Dorian's mother has stated that she is "amazed and completely in awe of the response to Dorian's request. Dorian has brought so much inspiration to people, around the world! I couldn't be more proud of my son."

Watch the KUTV interview with Dorian here: