Saturday, February 6, 2016

In 5/Under 5: Be SomeBUNNY who Sends a Free Valentine to the Children's Hospital!

An In 5/Under 5 challenge is a creative act of kindness that can be completed within 5 minutes and under 5 dollars. We know you'll really love this one because it's actually FREE and takes only ONE minute!

If you've participated in a #TeamITLT project similar to this, you may have already received an email prompting you to send a Valentine to the kiddos at Children's Hospital Los Angeles. If so, take the opportunity to share this link with your friends and family! This project is a favorite for a reason ;)

I am excited to see how many valentines we can send for Valentine's Day!

Remember making valentines when you were a kid? Exchanging little cards with your classmates and then excitedly looking through the stack of cards you received? Hearts, glitter, and goodies everywhere! Kids deserve to be kids, and that's especially important when they're in the hospital. CHLA wants to make sure their patients have that same sweet experience this Valentine's Day—even if they can't celebrate with their classmates. They have some fun activities planned at the hospital, and they need US to help us make Valentine's Day extra special!

As always, if YOU know of any other hospitals or organizations that make sending holiday greeting cards so easy, please share them with us. If you're particularly inspired, share it with us in the form of a blog post and be a guest blogger on ITLT!

Upload a photo of your Valentine and share it with us!
@itsthelittlethings  #TeamITLT

Happy Valentine's Day from us to you!