Saturday, April 30, 2016

In 5/Under 5: Wish Lucas a Beary Happy 6th Birthday!

** NOTE: It is with a very heavy heart that we share this news; I've never had to make an announcement like this in 3+ years and for the many birthday card challenges ITLT has offered. "He is cancer free and no longer in pain," his family wrote. Lucas, who would've turned 6 on Saturday, was able to celebrate his birthday early with his family and was flooded with hundreds of birthday cards from around the world-- a Chicago UPS store was running out of space because well-wishers sent so many. Thank you to everyone who so lovingly sent "Bear" a birthday card. Our thoughts are with his family. **
Hey #TeamITLT— we interrupt our own current Featured Event in order to bring you a special new #in5under5 challenge! "What's that," you ask? Great question!

Here at it's the little things, we like to offer projects that you can essentially complete in five minutes and for under five dollars. We love these projects because they are tokens of love, usually little effort on our end, but very meaningful to the recipient. Similar to those we've offered in the past, today's project is a birthday card! 

Since this #CreativeActOfKindness can be so creative and crafty, so personal and powerful, we're excited to see your efforts. But first, let's learn a little bit about Lucas... rather, "Bear," as he is affectionately known.

Lucas "Bear" Cervone is probably the toughest five year old, like, ever. In August 2012, Lucas was diagnosed with pediatric leukemia. After three intense years of treatment, he beat it. Not long after, he was diagnosed with another incurable cancer. In November 2015, Lucas underwent a stem cell transplant and beat the viruses again. He was so happy to return home, his family waited to celebrate Christmas with him in February.

After overcoming seemingly impossible obstacles already, the Cervone family recieved one more devastating phone call. The doctors found a tumor near Lucas' heart. They attempted to slow the growth of the tumor with a round of palliative chemo, but it is wrapped around the pulmonary artery, pressing on Lucas' heart. The tumor is both inoperable and incurable.

On May 7th, the little "Bear" turns six years old.

After a life fighting unfair battles, the family recently chose to end painful treatments. As the Cervone family prepares for his last birthday, they hope to make Lucas' remaining days his happiest. His strength and courage are immeasurable, and his community should reflect the same. Quality of life is their priority, and we can all take a page from the Cervone book.

The Chicago community and beyond sent Lucas over 500 cards for Christmas. He loved getting mail and seeing the cards so much that the family hopes he will receive even more for his birthday.

Join me in wishing Lucas the happiest birthday. "What we want to show him is his family will be here with him, as well as everyone else," Anthony Cervone commented. By sending a card, we are letting one special little boy know just how loved and supported he is, and we can make a big impact together.

Send your birthday cards here:

Lucas "Bear" Cervone
40 E. Chicago Ave. #162
Chicago, IL 60611

As always, let us know that you're participating in this project! 

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Much thanks to our new friend Davina for sharing this story!
Article originally found on NBC Bay Area