What Can You Do?

There are so many ways you can get involved and make a difference. Being here is a great first step and we are so happy that you are! This list will grow and flourish as we add more activities to the blog, until then check out what projects you can do from home or, if you have a bit more time, the types of events you can host in your community.

At-Home/Classroom Projects

Host an ITLT Event

Throw your own ITLT parties and events featuring crafts and projects from the site. Let us know if you want additional assistance to get everything in order for making a huge difference!

In the meantime, keep up with it's the little things in the following ways:
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  2. Stalk us on your preferred mode of social media 
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  3. Check out our radio show! You can check out our recorded shows on our SoundCloud station.
  4. Bookmark this website on your favorite smart phone or tablet. Tap every once in a while to see if there's a new project for you to do!

    but most importantly...
  5. JOIN THE TEAM!! We'd love to feature YOUR projects so let us know what little things you're up to! Be sure to tag us @itsthelittlethingsdotme and hashtag #TeamITLT so we can see!